Uniforms on the Go: Why Employees on the Road Need a Uniform

August 31, 2023


Many professions have employees who frequently get in and out of the car to meet clients and conduct business. However, just because they aren’t set up in a typical office environment doesn’t mean they don’t need a uniform! Uniforms on the go are important extensions of your brand, so they need to look professional while also offering comfort to the employee wearing them.

Here’s why employees on the road need a uniform and how to curate one.

Why are uniforms on the go necessary?

Employees are representing your business

Whether it’s in the office or on the road, your employees are constantly representing your business. Maintaining a neat, professional look will help to instil consumer trust in your brand and provide a positive image of your company.

Free advertising and brand awareness

Like any employee uniform, travelling employees are walking (and driving!) advertisements for your business. They increase brand awareness with every coffee shop and gas station they step foot in. Getting your brand out there is fundamental to building brand familiarity amongst your target audience.

If your team members travel far, you can also hit demographics that may not already be aware of your business. Especially if you only have one business location that is only seen by locals to the area and the occasional visitor.

Keeps your team motivated

It can sometimes be difficult for employees to keep motivated when they don’t have another colleague or supervisor keeping them accountable. Wearing a uniform is proven to boost motivation. A well-fitted, high-quality, stylish uniform will boost employees’ morale and self-esteem. This will motivate them to maintain and wear their uniforms and increase their motivation to complete their daily tasks to a high standard.

Increases consumer trust

Wearing a uniform is a great way to increase consumer trust and promote brand loyalty. Research shows:

  • 94% of consumers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily recognisable.
  • 93% of customers believe it reflects strongly on a brand when the staff wear smart uniforms.

Despite figures that strongly show consumers liking businesses in uniforms, only 50% of the working population currently wear a uniform. That’s half of the businesses that may miss out on potential customers by simply not wearing a uniform! Even though your employees may not be location-based or on-site all the time, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t wear a uniform. In fact, it’s even more of a reason to wear one!

How to curate the perfect uniform for travelling employees

Creating the perfect uniform for employees on the go isn’t easy. There needs to be a balance between professionalism and comfort – especially for those who spend long hours going from one place to another.

Many industries and professions require these types of uniforms. These professions include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Real estate agents
  • Truck drivers
  • Door-to-door sales teams
  • Sales consultants
  • Nurses on call
  • Mobile dog groomers
  • Franchise managers
  • Taxi/Uber/Rideshare drivers

To find the best fit, here are some things to consider.


First and foremost, a uniform for those who are in the car a lot, or constantly getting in and out, must be comfortable. Garments like suits, stiff shirts or tight clothing aren’t necessarily the best option – especially for those working long shifts. Polo shirts are a great option as they look professional and are extremely comfortable. Look for garments made from lightweight fabrics that have moisture-wicking to draw sweat away from the body. Opting for functional lowers that offer a relaxed fit and elastic-banded waists will help promote comfort throughout the shift.


Many employers worry that they will have to compromise on style or professionalism when finding a comfortable uniform. This isn’t the case! Uniforms are evolving with the times as more and more people are searching for comfort at work in a post-pandemic world. Fashion Biz Canada offers a number of garments that are both stylish and comfortable. A few of our favourites include:

Like all Fashion Biz Canada garments, these pieces are blank canvases that are ready for your logo to be embroidered onto. With a range of colours, there’s something to suit every business logo.


When creating a uniform, keep versatility in mind and how you can make the most of each piece. For example, if you have a smart-casual T-top or shirt for travelling, dress it up with a blazer or smart-looking jacket when you reach your destination or are dealing with clients. Setting a versatile uniform also could involve using lots of neutral colours so that employees can mix and match what they’re wearing, depending on where they’re going or what they’re doing.


It’s crucial to choose quality over price every time. Investing in high-quality uniforms will not only be cost-effective in the long run, but they will also last for years. For employees that are moving around a lot, such as real estate agents or sales consultants, durability is important so they can do their job without the worry of rips, tears or seams coming undone.


By investing in high-quality workwear, you’re investing in slow fashion. Purchasing cheaper, lesser-quality items means you’re contributing to the fast fashion industry – an industry that’s harming our planet. At Fashion Biz Canada, we’re proud of the commitment our parent company Fashion Biz has made to sourcing products and services in an ethically responsible manner. We consider the welfare of workers, health and safety, and potential environmental impacts to be of the utmost importance. Our Ethical Sourcing Policy is primarily based on conducting business ethically, manufacturing responsibly, and demonstrating environmental consciousness.

To read more about our corporate social responsibility, click here.

Creating uniforms for employees on the go is an easy and essential step businesses can take to benefit their brand, build brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty. If you’re looking for a uniform for your travelling team, head to your closest Fashion Biz Canada Distributor today.