Spring Wardrobe Trends

February 28, 2023


Time to put the puffer coats on standby - spring is here! In this blog, we’re going to dive into the best preparation for your wardrobe for the next few months.

Springtime in Canada means that the days are getting warmer and longer, but the nights can still be very fresh. Of course, the temperature will depend on where you are in Canada. Generally, many Canadian cities are beginning to see more sunshine around this time of year.

This weather can make it very challenging to sort out your wardrobe but we have a few tips and tricks for thriving in spring. So, what does this mean for your wardrobe? Let’s take a look!


The first tip is layering. Layering will be a lifesaver in this type of weather. It can be very cold when you’re off to work at 8:00 am, so wearing your jeans and a t-shirt won’t be enough. Wearing a jumper and even a nice cozy, oversized blazer or coat will keep you nice and warm for your commute and are very easy to take off if you get too hot throughout the day when the sun comes out.

You can make pairings with items from your wardrobe that you may not have tried mixing and matching with before. This also means you don’t need to continue to buy lots of different overcoats, jumpers, jackets, etc., as you’ll be wearing your current selection in different combinations every day!

Mixing and matching

Spring is the time to be adventurous with your wardrobe. Arguably your wardrobe in spring needs to be as versatile as possible. You need to prepare for the chilly mornings, your lunchtime walks in the sun, and the commute home. Spring is the time to be loud with your outfits. We love the bright colours and fun prints!

The warmer weather is coming, so it's time to show off those staple pieces that don’t get the love they should. The bright yellow overcoat you bought last year or those black and white striped pants you wore once need some attention! You are essentially wearing multiple outfits at the same time as you can take one item off when you get too hot or switch your jumper with your blazer when you finish work and head out for drinks. Mixing and matching this spring will keep you looking great but still nice and cozy.

Versatile wardrobe

Of course, considering our layering tips, we want you to feel stylish and not just like you’re wearing your entire wardrobe at once. So, let’s talk about creating the perfect, versatile wardrobe. A great way to start is to have a wide selection of basic-coloured tees. Keeping your top or shirt basic leaves room for the rest of the outfit. You’ll want to find a good selection of jeans and pants in a few different styles and cuts to create a strong foundation for your wardrobe. Now we have the essentials out of the way; this is where you can have some fun!

The rest of the outfit is now ready to be made, and you can add anything! You can go in whatever direction you want, whatever you think suits you and your style. We have a few ideas to help you get started. You can explore with:

Jackets and vests






Scarves and beanies

Adapting your spring wardrobe for summer

Although summer is still a little way off, it will be here before you know it. You need to keep your summer wardrobe in mind when sorting out your spring clothes. So, what better time than now?

Spring and summer in Canada are not too different. The weather is progressively getting better, but it can certainly vary from June to September. While the days are considerably warmer than earlier in the year, a shower or two is not unheard of. Canada's summer temperature can vary depending on your city, so some of these clothing options may need a bit of adapting to your climate.

Since you’ve already got a great spring wardrobe in mind, you don’t need much else for your summer fits. Just ensure you still have a good selection of basics, and you’ll slowly be able to pack those oversized coats away, leaving your tees, hoodies, and pants in the rotation, while also adding items like:


Short/ Long Sleeve Tees


Buy good quality!

One of the last tips for your Spring wardrobe, and probably the most important, is to buy high-quality items. Yes, they may end up costing you more to begin with, but in the long run, you will be very thankful.

Buying items that last years and cost a bit more is far smarter than purchasing something that will only last for a season. Sustainability when shopping is important. Of course, we want to look our best, but we don’t want to be contributing to fast fashion. Perhaps the most significant advantage of wearing high-quality clothing is that they are much more durable than some cheap brands. Your extra money is going toward sustainable, high-quality materials and manufacturing processes.

It's now up to you!

Now you’ve got the best styles, ideas, and tips for your spring wardrobe; it’s time to get out there and build your wardrobe. You’ve got to remember that Canadian weather is not the most predictable, so that’s why we have a wide range of tips here for you to follow.

Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks to come and be sure to check out our latest range on our website.